Our Services

With 30 years of experience, our seasoned approach is sure to accomplish the best-assessed plan for your community needs. Be prepared starts with the right plan.

Emergency Plan Writing

Emergency planning is the key for your organization to survive before, during or after a disaster. Now more than ever it is vital to have an emergency plan, which provides the organization a road map of their roles and responsibilities during any type of event. Many organizations fail when they do not have the following plans in place.

  • Emergency Operations Plans

  • Continuity of Operations Plans

  • Hazard Mitigation Plans

  • Flood Safety Plans

  • Mass Care & Shelter Plans

  • Access and Functional Needs Plans

  • Pandemic Plans

At FPEM, we have the expertise to guide you to the best solution for your organization and community.  

Grant Writing

At FPEM, Our Grant Writing Services include grant research, writing services, grant management and customization to the selected foundations, along with grant submission. 

We will locate viable foundations and produce professionally written grant proposals and letters of inquiry (LOIs) for Federal, State, Local governments, nonprofits and small businesses that need funding for specific projects.

To ensure your grant application coincides with foundation requirements, we assist in project validation, project or service methodology, budgeting, and fostering a relationship with funders for ideal results.


A major component to any emergency preparedness plan should be providing comprehensive training and exercise to their staff on the various scenario-based disasters that could affect the organization. FPEM can customize any scenario that best suits your emergency management needs.


As part of our training services, we perform upfront analysis and design, develop, and implement customized training programs.


  • Webinar Exercise

  • Tabletop Exercise

  • Functional Exercise

  • Full Scale Exercise 


When a man-made or a natural disaster occurs, it is crucial for your organization to be in a state of readiness. Let FPEM provide an assessment on your organization to determine whether your emergency plan addresses the emergencies and complies with federal, state and local laws.