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Focus Point Emergency Management LLC. FPEM was founded in 2016, based in Southern California in the city of Fontana. FPEM, is a minority female owned growing organization specializing in disaster prevention and emergency management for education institutions, healthcare, faith-based organization, businesses, government agencies, non-profits, families, and individuals.


Our Mission is to build a safe, secure, and resilient community. To provide a comprehensive and integrated emergency management system that protects lives, property and the environment through effective mitigation preparedness, response, and recovery services.


We provide quality service in evaluating the needs of your organization in emergency preparedness and provide recommendations for enhancements. Our consultants have over 30 years of experience in emergency management, which includes emergency and business plans development, training, exercises, and grant management.

Our Process








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Our Team

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Fay A. Glass, as the Chief Executive Officer of Focus Point Emergency Management

Consulting Services, brings to the table over three decades of invaluable experience in the realm of emergency management. With a steadfast commitment to disaster preparedness, she has honed her skills through extensive training and practical application, collaborating with a wide spectrum of organizations including non-profits, faith-based groups, businesses, educational institutions, and various levels of government.

Under Ms. Glass' leadership, Focus Point Emergency Management Consulting Services LLC

stands as a beacon of excellence in the field, providing tailored solutions to meet the unique

needs of each client. Through meticulous assessment and strategic planning, Ms. Glass and

her team offer comprehensive recommendations to fortify organizations against potential crises and emergencies.

Ms. Glass' expertise is reflected in Focus Point's five-step process for Emergency

Preparedness, which encompasses thorough Assessment, meticulous Emergency and

Business Planning, targeted Training programs, rigorous Security Site Assessment, and adept Grant Writing services.

Her professional achievements include certifications from prestigious institutions such as the

Federal Emergency Management Agencies Professional Development Series and the California Specialized Training Institute. Ms. Glass holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and a Master of Arts Degree in Management from the University of Redlands.

With a steadfast dedication to excellence and a proven track record of success, Ms. Glass

continues to lead Focus Point in empowering organizations to navigate emergencies with

confidence and resilience.

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As the driving force behind the company's financial requirements and compliance-related processes, Danielle has fortified the company's position by meticulously orchestrating day-to-day controls in alignment with the organization's vision.


With two decades of experience in financial management and developing financial plans for startup corporations, Danielle has honed her expertise in corporate finance through diverse roles in esteemed companies such as JPI, Trammel Crow, and Hometown America. In her capacity, she managed multimillion-dollar assets for merchant builders and oversaw the finances of over 400 Common Interest Developments, while also providing crucial training to Board Members on their fiduciary duty.

Danielle's skill set extends beyond traditional financial management; she possesses significant experience in identifying and implementing accounting software solutions, addressing inefficiencies, and devising effective remedies. Additionally, as a certified Community Association Manager, Danielle conducts financial literacy classes, empowering Board Members

to make informed decisions, even in emergency situations.


Her solution-based approach and extensive accounting knowledge have not only promoted growth but also facilitated the integration of emergency management programs beneficial for the organization's resilience and preparedness.

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Introducing Carolyn Glass, our esteemed Project Coordinator, embarking on her journey in the emergency management domain. With a robust background spanning over 12 years in administrative and accounting roles across both private and public sectors, Carolyn brings forth

a wealth of expertise in systematization, resource allocation, information acquisition, and budget management. Her adeptness in these areas is instrumental in ensuring the seamless execution and timely completion of all our projects.


At FPEM, Carolyn oversees a spectrum of responsibilities including administrative tasks, budget management, payroll administration, invoice processing, logistics for supplies, scheduling meetings, and managing our presence across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Her meticulous attention to detail and organizational prowess ensures that every aspect of our projects is meticulously handled with efficiency and precision.


In addition to her practical experience, Ms. Glass has also earned certifications from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Professional Development Series, further enhancing her credentials in the field of emergency management. Her commitment to continuous learning and professional development underscores her dedication to excellence in project coordination and emergency preparedness.

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Introducing Jacqueline Escobar, our esteemed Project Coordinator at FPEM. A pivotal aspect of our success hinges on our ability to seamlessly meet and exceed customer expectations while adhering to critical timeframes. Jacqueline's adeptness in emergency management skills,

coupled with her seasoned experience in administrative management systems, including proficiency in platforms like Canva, JotForm, and database creation, serves as a linchpin in ensuring our operational excellence. 


With a keen understanding of the strategic importance of robust administrative systems in propelling a business towards its full potential, Jacqueline wholeheartedly embraces her role within the FPEM team. Her commitment to streamlining processes and optimizing efficiency is underpinned by her extensive experience in emergency management protocols, ensuring that our projects are executed with precision and agility, even in high-pressure situations.

Jacqueline has successfully earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and is on the verge of completing her Master of Arts Degree in Business Administration at the University of Redlands. As a trailblazer in her family, Jacqueline's multifaceted educational background showcases her commitment to learning and her determination to excel in her professional endeavors.

Our Mission 

Vision Statement:

At Focus Point Emergency Management Consulting Services, our vision is to strive as a global leader in empowering organizations to thrive in the face of adversity. We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance resilience, preparedness and recovery. Our relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and collaboration ensures that our clients not only weather the storm but emerge stronger. With the unwavering dedication, we will continually expand our expertise, geographical reach, and service offerings to seize new growth opportunities and safeguard the future of businesses and communities worldwide.


Mission Statement:

Focus Point Emergency Management Consulting Services is dedicated to empowering organizations to proactively prepare for, respond to, and recover from crises. We provide expert guidance, innovative strategies, and tailored solutions to enhance resilience, safeguard lives, and safeguard the future.

Core Values:
1. Client-Centered Approach: We prioritize the needs and objectives of our clients above all else. Our services are tailored to meet their specific emergency management requirements, and we actively listen to their concerns and feedback.

2. Integrity: We conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty, transparency, and ethical standards. We build trust with our clients, partners, and the community by consistently delivering on our promises.

3.Expertise: We are committed to maintaining a high level of expertise in emergency management. Our team is well-trained, continuously updated on industry best practices, and actively seeks innovative solutions to better serve our clients.

4. Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and work closely with clients, governmental agencies, first responders, and other stakeholders to build resilient emergency management solutions. We foster a culture of teamwork and open communication.

5. Community Engagement: We actively engage with and support the communities we serve. We believe in the importance of promoting awareness, education, and preparedness to enhance overall community resilience.

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