FPEM October 2022

And just like that fall is here! October signals a transitional time of year as the seasons...

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FPEM July 2022

Happy Summer! Summertime is in full swing and we hope that you are making...

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FPEM March 2022

Although the Covid-19 pandemic is still active worldwide...

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FPEM ShakeOut 2021

Let Focus Point Emergency Management Consulting Services assist...

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FPEM May 2021

"If anything, the last year of the still ongoing pandemic has taught us today's threats cannot wait until tomorrow..."

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FPEM September 2022

Now more than ever, it is vital to have a plan before an emergency....

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FPEM May 2022

As leaders, we are taught to be...

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FPEM January 2022

2021 has been a positively, monumental year for FPEM...

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FPEM July 2021

"Summer is the perfect time to work on your emergency preparedness plans..."

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